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Argon lets you play games from your own collection as well as from our ever-expanding library of classic games and homebrew hits!

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Available for Android phones, tablets, televisions, and Chromebook.

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Coming soon for Amazon TV & Tablet, Windows 11, and Raspberry Pi.

Better Than Ever

With top-tier emulation, Argon is focused on 70s, 80s, and 90s home computer and cartridge-based console gaming. Argon supports games written for the ColecoVision, Intellivision, NES, Vectrex, Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx, and 8-bit home computers.

We are adding new consoles and games regularly.

Play Our Games

Argon features 100s of unique indie retro titles. Discover just how much fun there is to be revealed in these classic consoles!

Premium subscribers gain access to the full library of games for all our supported consoles.

We’re constantly expanding with new consoles, titles, and features.

Play Your Games

Argon is a full-featured emulator designed to give you the best play experience possible.

A premium subscription gets you Google Drive support, cloud saves, and access to your game library across all supported devices.

We support a wide variety of standard game controllers, including console controllers (Xbox, Playstation, Switch) and keyboards.

What is Argon?

1000s of Games

Play from a constantly growing library of games or bring your own.

Argon goes beyond the usual greatest hits and includes new titles for all our classic consoles.

Play Your Way 

Phones, tablets, joysticks, keyboards, and more.

Download and go: Play wherever and whenever you want.

Fun Remastered

A streamlined experience built for players like you.

Play games with improved sound, graphics, saves, and more.

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Ad Free Fun

What you see is what you get! The only thing you’ll need to unlock is your subscription.

Ratings & More

Our expansive database gives you info on all our titles and allows you to rate your favorites.

Play Free Games

From classic hits to indie favorites Argon has dozens of free games to play.

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Your Subscription Gets You

Cloud Saves

Save your game at any time. Load it and play on any of your Argon enabled devices.

Your Games

Whether you’re bringing your games or playing from our expanded library, you can access your games from anywhere.

Premium Games

Subscribers get access to our full library of classic and indie games.

Play on Your Devices

Android, Amazon TV & Tablet, Windows 11,
Raspberry Pi, and Chromebook

On device emulation means no high-usage streaming data needed, ever: even at 4K and higher!

Our games install directly on your devices and allow you to play anywhere, anytime: on planes, trains, and even off-grid.

For Android and Amazon we support all device types: TV, phone, and tablet.

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