About Mark/Space

Founded in 1990 by an enterprising software engineer, Mark/Space today is a privately-owned company and a leading developer of cutting-edge synchronization and productivity software applications.

Located in the Silicon Valley community of Los Gatos, California, Mark/Space is a growing company whose employees are passionate about developing software that makes managing, syncing and sharing all kinds of information — from contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, call and SMS logs, playlists, videos, music, photos, documents and more — easier, faster and more reliable.

Our customers enjoy using Mark/Space software and services to get the most from their phones, tablets, and computer’s features.

What’s in a Name?

The origin of the name Mark/Space is rooted in the era of telegraph communications, railroads and morse code. Although most people think of morse code as an audio signal, it actually originated as a graphical method of communication: A pen was connected to an electromagnet device and held over a moving piece of paper. Messages were keyed in from another location which created an electrical current over copper wires to the receiving end.

When there was an electrical current present from the wires, the pen pressed down on the paper to make a mark (long or short) and released to make a space. Telegraph operators eventually got so good at morse code that they understood the messages without even reading the marks, and soon the pen and paper were removed entirely. To this day, though, the underlying concept of a telegraph is still a mark and a space.