Quick Start Guide

Create a Task

  • Tap to create a new task.
  • Select a category.
  • Input Task Title. Notes,Priority, Due Date and URL fields are optional.
  • The back button saves your task,and returns you to the list of tasks.

    Edit a Task

  • Select a task to display details.
  • Tap the field you wish to modify and input changes.
  • The button saves your changes.

    Complete a Task

  • Tab Check Box to mark task complete.
  • There is an option in "Settings" to "Hide completed tasks" from showing up a in the list of tasks.

    Two ways to Delete a Task

  • Tap and hold task name, select Delete from the sub menu.
  • Select a task to display details, tap and Delete to confirm.

    Task Categories

  • By default tasks are saved to Unfiled category.
  • To change the default category, tap menu, Settings, Default Category and name of category to select.
  • Tap category name to display list of categories and select alternate category for new or existing tasks.
  • Add categories thru menu, Categories. Use to add new or tap an existing category to change name or color.
  • The button saves your changes.

    Sort & Search tasks

  • By default All tasks are displayed. To view tasks in a specific category tap All tasks and choose category to display.
  • Sort Tasks by field in application Settings has the following options: Due Date, Priority, Title or Category.
  • Tap to search all tasks. Results display task titles where you can tap to view details.

    Backup & Restore

  • Tasks can be backed up to the local storage of the device. Open Fliq Tasks and tap menu, Settings
  • Scroll down and select Local Backup or Local Restore to either make a backup or restore an old backup
  • Warning - Creating a new backup will overwrite any previous backup.
  • To view the location, use a File Explorer app on your device and navigate to Main Storage > MarkSpace > backup > tasks.sqlite