Getting a New Android Phone?

Setting up a new phone can be a complex, time consuming process, especially when you have photos, music and videos. Full setup can take hours, even days and can require multiple tools. Welcome Home to Android makes new phone setup fast, easy and complete.

Welcome Home to Android is for people who:

  • Recently bought or are thinking of getting a new Android phone
  • Don’t want all their contacts and private information out on cloud servers
  • Don’t have a strong background in IT or sync tools and solutions

Fast. Easy. Complete.

android-transfer-appUpgrading to the hottest new Android device just got easier. Welcome Home is the fastest way to load up your new Android phone with the info and media you want.

Transfer BlackBerry to Android

blackberry-data-transferIf you are a BlackBerry user and are setting up a new Android phone, Welcome Home is the fastest way to get you up and running on your new Android device.

Transfer iTunes to Android

transfer-itunes-androidCopy iTunes songs, playlists, movies, TV shows and podcasts to your new Android phone.¹

Copy Photos to Android

Transfer photos to androidDon’t leave photos stranded on your old phone. Photo albums stay organized and photos are ready to view in minutes on your new phone.

Copy Videos and Home Movies

convert-videos-androidEnjoy watching your home videos and movies you downloaded on your new device. Supports popular MP4, Mov, MPEG and AVI formats.¹

App Finder

iTunes and Windows Media Player syncWelcome Home reviews the apps you have on your old BlackBerry or iPhone, and refers similar Android apps in the Android Market.

One-Time Setup

setup-welcome-homeTransfer to Android with one easy tool. Welcome Home is a one-time setup tool laser focused on on getting your new Android device setup with the media and info you want.

Transfer iPhone to Android

iTunes and Windows Media Player syncIf you are an iPhone user transitioning to Android, Welcome Home is the fastest way to get you up and running.

Move Contacts to Android

Sync Android with Outlook contactsIf you don’t want your contact data on cloud servers, then Welcome Home is an easy way to get contacts from your old phone and from your computer, to your new phone.

Transfer Bookmarks to Android

sync explorer or safari bookmarks on android phonesCopy Explorer or Safari bookmarks to view your favorite web sites on your new phone anytime.

Transfer Notes, Tasks and To-Dos

Sync notes with Oulook or Entourage Fliq Notes and Fliq Tasks (our great mobile apps) let you stay organized no matter where you are.

Transfer Calendars to Android

Sync Outlook calendars with AndroidMicrosoft Outlook and Apple iCal appointments and meetings transfer to your new device in minutes.

¹ Android devices cannot play protected music, video or ringtones. iTunes Plus music, tunes ripped from your own CDs, home movies you shoot with your video camera, and video digitized from DVDs you own will work just fine.

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