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SyncTogether for Mac Screenshots — Click to view larger

SyncTogether for Mac Main Screenshot SyncTogether for Mac Set Up Assistant

Click here for Max OS X 10.7/10.8 Lion/Mountain Lion compatibility info

Features at a Glance
Mac System Requirements:
Multiple-Language Support

SyncTogether includes English, French and German language versions.

mac-to-mac sync france mac-to-mac sync germany mac-to-mac sync us

* Corresponding application must be installed on each Mac in order to sync that applicate: Panic Transmit for Transmit favorites, Entourage 2004 for notes, Bare Bones Yojimbo for notes, Mark/Space Notebook for notes (included with versions of The Missing Sync), Mark/Space Call Log for call history (included with versions of The Missing Sync), Mark/Space SMS Log (included with versions of The Missing Sync), etc.

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