Keep your Macs in sync with SyncTogether

Please Note: Synctogether has been Discontinued

Keep your MacBook in sync with your iMac. Sync up your Mac Pro with your MacBook Pro. Synchronize Address Book, iCal, Safari Bookmarks, and much, much more between Macs. SyncTogether can keep your information and preference settings the same across all the Macs you use. Choose what you want synchronized, too. SyncTogether is fully configurable.

Sync Two or More Macs

Sync Multiple Macs IconSyncTogether is perfect for people who move between two or more Macs, such as a MacBook and an iMac. Easily keep contacts, calendars, notes, Apple Mail account settings and more in sync between your Macs to have access to your information when you need it the most. SyncTogether can run automatically, or whenever you want with the click of a button. It's easy to set up and use across a local network — even via Wi-Fi — and supports advanced IP addressing to sync over the Internet.

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Family Members

Selective Sync IconSyncTogether's selective syncing feature lets you choose individual Address Book groups and iCal calendars to sync with other family members' Macs. Sync only your class schedule, bowling team contact list, soccer game schedule, or family phone list — sync only what you want without sharing your entire contact list and calendar. SyncTogether can even synchronize information between multiple accounts on the same Mac, which is great for families that share a single computer.

Road Warriors

Road warriors iconIf you travel for work, you know how difficult it can be to stay synchronized with your office staff. SyncTogether eliminates that difficulty by syncing your important information with one or more Macs at the office. Choose which Address Book groups and iCal calendars to sync, and SyncTogether makes it happen. SyncTogether allows your assistant or co-workers to update contacts and add agenda items for you.


Workgroups & Teams

Sync workgroups and teams iconWorkgroup calendaring software for the Mac can be expensive and require a dedicated server. SyncTogether gives you many of the benefits of groupware at a fraction of the cost. With it, you can keep project schedules, task lists, notes and more in sync between team members. When the project manager updates the schedule in iCal and syncs, everyone can see the changes, yet your personal agenda, tasks and memos stay private.

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SyncTogether for Mac Main Screenshot SyncTogether for Mac Set Up Assistant

Click here for Max OS X 10.7/10.8 Lion/Mountain Lion compatibility info

Features at a Glance
  • Mac-to-Mac synchronization
  • Selective Sync keeps personal information private
  • Password protection and SSL data transfer encryption keeps information safe
  • Syncs Address Book Contacts
  • Syncs iCal Calendar Events and Tasks
  • Syncs Safari Bookmarks
  • Syncs System Preferences
  • Syncs Apple Mail Account Settings, Rules, Signatures and Smart Mailboxes
  • Syncs Call Log*
  • Syncs Text Messages*
  • Syncs Panic Transmit Favorites*
  • Sync Notes and Memos with BareBones Yojimbo, Entourage 2004 and Mark/Space Notebook*
  • Schedule manual or automatic sync
  • Compatible with The Missing Sync
  • Includes Mark/Space Notebook
  • Supports IP and domain name addressing to sync over the Internet
Mac System Requirements:
  • Mac OS X v10.4.8 or later, including Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard
    Mac OS X v10.7/10.8 compatibility information
  • Internet connection for product registration.
  • Local Area Network (LAN) connection between shared Macs, for remote syncs the user must know the physical IP address of all computers being synchronized and have Internet access.
Multiple-Language Support

SyncTogether includes English, French and German language versions.

mac-to-mac sync france mac-to-mac sync germany mac-to-mac sync us

* Corresponding application must be installed on each Mac in order to sync that applicate: Panic Transmit for Transmit favorites, Entourage 2004 for notes, Bare Bones Yojimbo for notes, Mark/Space Notebook for notes (included with versions of The Missing Sync), Mark/Space Call Log for call history (included with versions of The Missing Sync), Mark/Space SMS Log (included with versions of The Missing Sync), etc.