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Sync Solutions for Android, Palm OS, iPhone and Mac or PC

The Missing Sync

Award-winning Mac and PC software that helps you get the most from all the features of your phone

The Missing Sync for Android

Link your PC or Mac with your Android phone.

Fliq Apps for Android

Free Fliq Apps for Android: Fliq Notes, Fliq Calendar, Fliq Tasks and Fliq Bookmarks

The Missing Sync for iPhone

Sync, Send and Share information and files between iPhone, iPod touch, PC and Mac.

The Missing Sync for Palm OS

Synchronize Mac and Palm OS devices.


Media Sync made easy.

Welcome Home to Windows Phone

Get set up on a Windows phone in minutes.

Welcome Home to Android

Get set up on an Android phone in minutes.

Fliq Cloud

Phone, tablet, desktop or laptop, bring your data together and have it where you want it, when you want it.

Fliq for iPhone and iPod touch

Fliq is a free social networking application that allows iPhone and iPod touch users to instantly send photos and contacts to one another.

Fliq for Mac

The Mac version of the popular social networking iPhone app Fliq makes it possible for Mac users to send, receive and share photos, notes and contacts like never before.

Fliq for Windows PC

The Windows PC version of Fliq lets PC users share photos, notes and contacts with other Fliq users instantly.