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Connect your phone to your Mac and get the most from all its features. The Missing Sync works with phones running the Windows Mobile OS, like the HTC Touch, Samsung Omnia and Palm Treo Pro - including new phones running Windows Mobile 6.5.

You'll always have your contacts, notes and most current calendar on your phone and your Mac. Enjoy music, podcasts and video on-the-go. Transfer and save photos to and from your phone. The Missing Sync does all this and much more.

The Missing Sync is a snap to install, setup and use. In a few simple steps, the Setup Assistant guides you in setting up The Missing Sync to sync your phone with your Mac.

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile is the most reliable solution to keep your phone and Mac in sync. Through the years, awards and accolades confirm The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile as the best way to link your phone and Mac, keeping them in sync, and making them both better - together!


sync windows mobile entourageSync your phone with Address Book and Microsoft Entourage. Add a new contact. Update an address. The Missing Sync keeps contacts in sync between your phone and Mac.

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Calendars and Tasks

sync ical windows mobileKeep your calendars and to-dos in sync between your phone and iCal or Entourage. You'll always know where your supposed to be and what you're supposed to do, wherever you go!

Files and Documents

sync notes andoffice files to mac You can transfer Word and Excel files between your Mac and Windows Mobile phone. PDF Files too. Edit Microsoft files on your WinMo device and sync the updated documents to your Mac.


Music, Photos and Video

syncs windows mobile iphotoTransfer music playlists and photo albums from iTunes¹ and iPhoto. Save pictures you snap with your phone to your Mac too. Transfer video optimized to view on your phone.

Notes and Memos

mac sync windows mobile Easily sync notes and memos between your phone and Microsoft Entourage, Bare Bones Yojimbo or Mark/Space Notebook. Your notes are always with you.


Ready. Sync. Go!

windows mobile sync macThe Missing Sync for Windows Mobile gives you the choice of syncing via Bluetooth or USB. Palm, HTC, Samsung, Motorola and others. The Missing Sync can sync them all!

¹ Windows Mobile devices, like the HTC Touch, Palm Treo and Samsung Ominia, can sync and play any music and audio files except those protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management).

² You may use and install The Business Edition of The Missing Sync on two Mac computers for business purposes (for example, your one home computer and one office computer, or two office computers, used by a single person).

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Please note: The Windows Mobile version is not compatible with Lion on the Mac.

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Multiple Language Support

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile includes English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish language versions.

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