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Suite Features for Windows Mobile Devices

Smart. Simple. Synced. The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile offers a variety of sync features for your Mac. Our award-winning sync software employs cutting-edge engineering to synchronize data between your Windows Mobile smart phone, device or Pocket PC and your Mac via USB or wireless Bluetooth.

Sync calendar tasks and events

sync calendar ical macSynchronize calendar events and tasks from iCal and Entourage with your smartphone and your Mac. When iCal reminders are set on your Mac, your Windows Mobile device notifies you. Check off tasks as completed and sync your changes to your Mac computer.

Synchronize contacts with Mac

syncing contacts windows mobileKeep important contacts in sync between your Mac Address Book and your Windows Mobile device. Synchronize phone numbers, contacts and other important information. Plus, automatically save instant message screen names and contact photos.

Go mobile with your music

sync your itunes playlists to macSelect your favorite iTunes playlists and podcasts in The Missing Sync and they will be synced to your Windows Mobile device the next time you do an update.* Now you can have your music and playlists wherever you go.

Bluetooth wireless synching

bluetooth sync mac windows mobileSync without cables with The Missing Sync's wireless connectivity. Bluetooth technology lets you sync your mobile phone or device to your Mac wirelessly so that you don't need to bother with cables. However, The Missing Sync can also be used with a USB cable.

Sync Microsoft Office files to Mac

sync office files to macThe Missing Sync organizes and synchronizes Word and Excel files between your Mac and Windows Mobile device. Make changes to Microsoft files on your mobile device and easily sync the most updated version with your Mac.

Dynamically sync notes and memos

sync your notes and memosMark/Space Notebook is an included feature that allows you to create, edit, categorize, sort and search notes on your Mac and easily sync your notes with your Windows Mobile device. Plus, sync your voice recordings and notes with Entourage and Yojimbo.

Easily transfer and play videos

windows mobile video to macDrag and drop QuickTime videos to The Missing Sync to encode and transfer your video files to your mobile device. Watch videos with Windows Media Player Mobile or any other MP4-compatible player.

Safely move and sync photos

sync iphoto albumsTransfer iPhoto albums and folders to your mobile device. The Missing Sync will automatically resize your photos to fit your mobile device screen. Plus, import photos and videos you take with your mobile camera to any folder or iPhoto album on your Mac.

Sync call history and text messages

sync phone sms logsExtract call history data and SMS text message conversations from your mobile device to your Mac so you can search, sort and export them. The Missing Sync also makes it easy to compile reports, create a journal, track your time and more.

Back-up and restore My Documents

restore My Documents foldersThe Missing Sync for Windows Mobile safely and quickly backs up files in your My Documents folder. The Missing Sync can restore information in the event of an unexpected loss of data.

Seamlessly install applications

synching windows applicationsThe Missing Sync makes it easy to install Windows applications and other files to your Windows Mobile device. You can even customize where you want files to be stored based on file types and easily access them later on.

SyncMinder™ will remind you

blackberry sync minderSyncing without thinking. SyncMinder™ reminds you to synchronize so that your information and data are current on your Windows Mobile device and your Mac. With SyncMinder™ from Mark/Space, you're always in sync.

Automatic update notifications

mobile phone sync updatesAt Mark/Space, we are continuously improving The Missing Sync and adding features you want the most. When an update for your version of The Missing Sync is available, the application will automatically notify you.

See How The Missing Sync Works
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View a gallery of screenshots and see The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile in action.

Get All of These Great Features:
Sync with Address Book check
Sync with Entourage check
Sync phone numbers check
Sync contact photos check
Sync IM screen names check
Sync with iCal check
Sync meetings and appointments check
Sync tasks check
Sync notes check
Search, sort and edit notes on the Mac check
Sync notes with Yojimbo check
Sync notes with Mark/Space Notebook check
Save voice recordings check
Transfer music and podcasts to device check
Sync iTunes music playlists* check
Transfer iPhoto albums to device check
Transfer photos from device to Mac check
Sync photo folders check
Encode, transfer videos to device check
Export videos to Mac check
Transfer call history to Mac check
Search and sort call history on Mac check
Transfer text messages to Mac check
Search and sort text messages on Mac check
Sync folders between devices check
Sync Microsoft Excel and Word docs check
Back-up files and folders check
Restore files and folders check
Sync Bookmarks check
Sync via Bluetooth and USB check
Install third party apps check
Includes Mark/Space Notebook check
Includes Mark/Space SMS Log check
Includes Mark/Space Call Log check
SyncMinder reminds you to sync check
Automatic nofication of updates check

Multiple Language Support

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile includes English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish language versions.

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* Windows Mobile devices can sync and play all your music except audio files protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). All trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.