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The Missing Sync for Palm OS lets you easily keep your Mac and smartphone in sync. Whether you have a Centro or Treo, The Missing Sync can help you get the most from all the features of your Palm OS phone. Sync and transfer contacts, calendars, music, photos, notes and more.

Get the most from your Palm

synchronize palm contacts Whether you have a Centro or Treo, The Missing Sync for Palm OS can synchronize your calendars, tasks, notes and contacts plus Word and Excel files, photos, videos and music playlists.* The Missing Sync also replaces the need for HotSync Manager.

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Connect your contacts

sync Palm MacFinally, a smart and reliable Palm program that synchronizes Entourage and Address Book, so that all of your categories, contact photos, postal, email and IM addresses are in sync. Say goodbye to incomplete transfers from Address Book via iSync.

Sync calendars and events

sync palm calendarTired of manually updating calendars and events on your Palm OS and Mac to keep them updated? The Missing Sync saves you time and hassle by syncing your calendars and to dos with iCal.


Install conduits and apps

sync palm conduitsThe Missing Sync makes it easy to install Palm OS applications and conduits like Documents to Go, PocketQuicken and SplashID, and others. Simply drag a PRC file to The Missing Sync and it will install the next time you sync.

Sync notes and memos

sync notes palm osThe Missing Sync for Palm OS lets you sync your notes and memos between your Palm and Mac so that all of your notes are synced and organized. The included Mark/Space Notebook helps you more easily manage and sync notes with seamless support for Bare Bones Yojimbo and Microsoft Entourage.


Sync music, photos and videos

sync palm mediaKeep all of your media files synched between your Palm OS and Mac, including your music, photos and videos*. Synchronize iTunes playlists, podcasts and audiobooks and take them wherever you go. The video conduit encodes and resizes your videos for seamless playback on your Palm device.

Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi and Palm Pixi Plus users need The Missing Sync for Palm Pre

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Multiple Language Support

The Missing Sync for Palm OS includes English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish language versions.

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* Palm phones are able to play media and audio files you have imported from CDs or downloaded from sites and services offering non-protected music files. Palm phones cannot play music files that are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management), such as music from the iTunes store.

iPhoto, iTunes, iCal are trademarks of Apple, Inc. Excel, Word and Entourage are trademarks of Microsoft. All other trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.

** You may use and install The Business Edition of The Missing Sync on two Mac computers for business purposes (for example, your one home computer and one office computer, or two office computers, used by a single person).