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The Missing Sync for Palm OS

No other synchronization software for Palm OS smartphones and Mac computers offers as many features as The Missing Sync. Whether you need reliable syncing for all of your contacts, calendars, notes, work files, music playlists, photos, videos, the award-winning Missing Sync is the all-in-one Palm sync solution.

Sync all of your contacts

sync palm contacts The Missing Sync for Palm smartphones reliably synchronizes email contacts, phone numbers, IM names, contact photos and much more between Palm and Mac. Palm OS users prefer The Missing Sync to HotSync Manager and Palm Desktop because it is the most reliable synchronization software available, with full support for Address Book and Entourage.

Calendar and event synchronization

synchronize palm calendarTired of manually updating your calendars, meetings, and important dates on your Palm device and Mac? The Missing Sync keeps all of your calendars updated automatically, saving you time, and most importantly, keeping you in sync with your busy life.

Sync your photos and videos

palm synchronize photos videos One of the features that Palm users like the most about The Missing Sync is the ease of transfering photos between your device and computer, including full support for iPhoto albums and folders. Plus, videos transfered to your Palm from your Mac are automatically resized to fit your mobile screen.

Keeps notes and memos synchronized

palm sync notes Need a reliable, robust program to synchronize your notes and memos - to make your work and personal life more efficient? The Missing Sync is the cutting-edge solution for your notes and memos with support from the included Mark/Space Notebook, and support for Bare Bones Yojimbo and Entourage.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB syncing

wireless bluetooth palm Whether you prefer to synchronize your Palm with Mac via a Wi-Fi network, over Bluetooth or with a USB cable, The Missing Sync for Palm OS is the perfect all-around sync solution for all of your data, files, folders and media.

File and folder sync

file folder palm syncingKeeping files like Word and Excel files, plus multiple folders, in sync between your Palm OS and Mac doesn't have to be a hassle anymore. The Missing Sync makes your life easier by updating your files and folders on both devices so that they are always the same, saving you time and the burden of manual updates.

Supreme conduit support

palm conduit syncOne thing that Palm OS users like the most about The Missing Sync is the built-in support for various conduits, including Documents to Go, LifeBalance, PocketQuicken, SplashID and others.

SMS and call log

palm sync featuresThe Missing Sync offers added support for SMS and call log information for the Treo and Centro, including the ability to search and view message history on your Mac, multiple language support and a reminder to let you know when it's time for a sync update.

Backup and restore

palm backup restoreWith the Missing Sync for Palm, you not only get all the great features described above, but enhanced support like restoration and backup support in the event of a device malfunction or if you happen to lose your Palm device.

Screenshot Gallery
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Take a look at some screenshots of The Missing Sync for Palm OS in action.

Features at-a-glance
  • Sync with your Mac via Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi
  • Sync all of your contacts and addresses
  • Synchronize calendars and events
  • Synchronize notes and memos
  • Transfer and encode videos
  • Sync iPhoto albums and photos
  • Added functionality for SMS and call log information on the Treo
  • Support for music playlists and podcasts*
  • Sync folders and folder files automatically
  • Organize, edit, search and sync notes with Mark/Space Notebook
  • SyncMinder™ notifies you if you forget to sync
  • Support for various Palm conduits
  • Multi-language support for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish

* Palm smartphones are unable to playback audio and video files protected by iTunes DRM (Digital Rights Management).