Sync notes, tasks, documents and files between your iPhone and Mac. Create ringtones from your favorite tunes. Save iPhone voicemail, text messages and voice notes to your Mac.

Get the most from all the features of your iPhone. The Missing Sync for iPhone is designed as a companion to iTunes, offering additional sync features to what iTunes provides.

Create Ringtones

Contacts SyncMake ringtones from your favorite music with the built-in editor.⁴ Select a song, trim, and name it - its that easy!

Save Voicemail

Archive voicemail to macTransfer favorite and noteworthy iPhone voice messages - from the kids, birthday wishes, congrats - to listen to later.³

Transfer Voice Memos

Archive phone notes from iphone to macBring Voice Memos you record on your iPhone to your Mac. Keep them alongside your text notes in Mark/Space Notebook.³

Archive Text Messages

Archive SMS Logs iphone to macBackup text messages to your Mac and extract information, like addresses and phone numbers, into Address Book.³

Archive Call History

Sync Call Logs from iphone to macCopy your call history to your Mac where you can store, search and sort them in Mark/Space Call Log.³

Sync Notes

Sync Notes iphone mac Transfer and sync notes and memos between Fliq Notes and Entourage, Yojimbo and Mark/Space Notebook.³

Sync Documents

share Files iphone macSync folders of files and documents between your Mac and Fliq Docs on your phone. View them on your iPhone, too.

Sync Tasks

synching Tasks iphone macTake your to do items with you. iCal and Fliq Tasks stay in sync. And sync tasks with Microsoft Entourage too.²

Import iPhone Notes

Synchronize iPhone notes over wifi to MacImport notes from the iPhone Notes app and sync them to Fliq Notes, our free, full-featured notes app.

Migration Assistant

transfer contacts on old phone to iphoneTransfer contacts, notes and more from your old smartphone to the iPhone.¹

Sync Documents, Files, Notes and Tasks
Edit a note on your iPhone and sync it to your Mac. Add a task in iCal and sync it to your iPhone. Create a new doc on the Mac and sync it to your iPhone. The Missing Sync recognizes changes and synchronizes them between your Mac and iPhone via Wi-Fi.

The Missing Sync works hand-in-hand with the free iPhone apps - Fliq Notes, Fliq Docs and Fliq Tasks. Sync your notes, documents and to dos and keep them updated and synchronized between your iPhone or iPod touch and Mac.

Save Voicemail, Text Messages, Recent Call History and Voice Memos
Save your favorite and noteworthy iPhone voice messages to the Mac to listen to later - entertaining messages from the kids, birthday wishes, congratulations, etc. Bring voice memos you record on your iPhone to your Mac: journal entries, reminders, phone numbers and addresses.

Archive text messages and recent call history to your Mac where they can be viewed, searched and sorted. Export a CSV file to use in other documents, like Excel, too.

¹Learn more about requirements for supported smartphones.
²Entourage sync provided via Mac OS X Sync Services.
³The Mac applications Mark/Space Notebook, SMS Log and Call Log are all included with The Missing Sync to view, organize, sort and search notes, text messages, call history, voicemail and voice notes.
⁴Music protected by DRM cannot be edited. iTunes Plus music, tunes ripped from your own CDs, and other non-protected music will work just fine.