Sync notes, tasks and documents between your iPhone and computer. Create ringtones from your favorite music. Save and archive voicemail, text messages, voice notes and call history to your computer, too - Mac

Sync your important 
information with The Missing Sync for iPhone.

Sync notes, tasks and documents.

Use The Missing Sync for iPhone with our free iPhone apps - Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks, and Fliq Docs - to sync notes, tasks and documents between your iPhone and Windows PC or Mac. Our full-features Fliq productivity apps and The Missing Sync make for a powerful sync combination.

Share contacts, files and photos with iPhone, iPod touch, Mac or PC.

Archive text messages, voicemail and more.

Transfer text messages, voicemail, voice memos and call history to your computer so you can have an archive of all your calls, notes ad texts. Organize, sort, view and listen to them in the Mark/Space applications Call Log, SMS Log and Notebook (all included with The Missing Sync).

Send information and files from your iPhone to your computer.

Create ringtones.

Personalize your iPhone with ringtones. The Mac version of The Missing Sync for iPhone lets you create ringtones using your favorite music.* Use the built-in ringtone editor to select a song from iTunes (non-DRM music only), drag two controls to trim, and name the ringtone.

* Ringtone editing, voicemail and voice memo save features available in Mac version.
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