Fliq for Windows PC makes it easy to send photos, contacts, notes, tasks and documents to other Fliq users over Wi-Fi.

send iphone contactsWith Fliq for Windows PC quickly drag-and-drop photos, notes, contacts, tasks and documents via Wi-Fi to other Fliq desktop or iPhone and iPod touch users.

And Fliq for Windows PC works great with Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks, Fliq Docs, and Fliq for the iPhone - our full-featured apps for iPhone and iPod touch.

Share your favorite photos with others

Select a vacation picture or an image of friends and drag and drop it to anyone on your Fliq contact list to send it instantly. Choose photos from any folder in Windows and fliq them to friends, co-workers and classmates.

Exchange contacts and My Card

Send contacts from Outlook to others on your network or from your iPhone to your PC. Receive contacts from friends and co-workers and save them to your PC. Send your My Card - based on your default personal contact preference - to anyone over the network.

Send and receive notes

send contacts windows PCFliq notes from your PC to another computer or iPhone/iPod touch running Fliq. Use Mark/Space Notebook (included) to create, sort and store notes. Fliq a note from your PC to a friend's Mac or receive notes from others using Fliq.

Share tasks and documents

Now you can send and receive tasks, files and documents to and from your PC and iPhone and iPod touch and share them with other Fliq users. Send a Word or PDF file with Fliq's Wi-Fi sharing capabilities to a co-worker. Receive photos from family members in just seconds, share tasks and even music and videos.

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