Fliq Tasks is a free tasks management app for iPhone and iPod that lets you create, edit, prioritize and update to do items. Plus, share and sync tasks with your Mac or Windows PC, and other Fliq users, via Wi-Fi. If you desire a fast and reliable way to keep track of the things you do, get Fliq Tasks - the slick iPhone app from the iTunes App Store.

Fliq Tasks Benefits:

  • Create and edit tasks
  • Categorize, prioritize and assign due dates
  • Quickly search and sort tasks by name, category, due date or priority
  • Enjoy a cool, intuitive user interface and easy-to-use functionality
  • Sync to do items with iCal on the Mac or Outlook on the PC via Wi-Fi*
  • Send to do items to your Mac or PC - its quick and easy*
  • Share tasks with other Fliq users on Mac, Windows PC, iPhone and iPod touch over Wi-Fi**

Fliq Tasks is a free download available from the iTunes App Store

iphone tasks app

Create, edit, categorize, prioritize, and set due dates for tasks and to dos

ipod tasks management

Search and sort tasks by name, category, date or priority for faster access

iphone to do application

Send tasks to other Fliq users on iPhone and iPod touch

free tasks app for iphone ipod

What's New in
Fliq Tasks 2.0

  • Support for syncing of to do items with a Mac or PC*
  • Fliq Tasks app icon displays count of incomplete tasks
  • Collapsable/expandable section headers in task list
  • Task count displayed in list section headers
  • Default category can be set
  • Overdue tasks now marked with new overdue icon and red due date text
  • Sort tasks by highest to lowest priority
  • Added preference option to delete all completed tasks
  • Day of week displayed when setting Due Date
  • Option to sync automatically on app launch*
  • Total Task Count listed in Settings
  • Added "How to Fliq" instruction screen

Fliq Tasks Support

* Requires The Missing Sync for iPhone 2.0 for Mac or PC (available soon).
** Requires Fliq for the Mac or Fliq for Windows PC.