Fliq Notes is the ultimate free notes app for iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices that lets you easily create, edit, categorize, search, sort, save and share notes with other Fliq users via Wi-Fi. Fliq Notes has all the great features - and more - you want from a cool and slick iPhone notes app:

  • Create, edit and save notes on your iPhone,iPod touch or Android device
  • Categorize and organize notes
  • Edit and view your notes in landscape mode
  • Search and sort to find notes easily
  • Sync notes with Microsoft Entourage or Mark/Space Notebook*
  • Send notes to your Mac or PC, quickly and easily**
  • Share notes with other Fliq users on Mac, Windows PC, iPhone,iPod touch or Android devices over Wi-Fi
  • Password protection

Download the free Fliq Notes app for iPhone and iPod touch from the iTunes App Store.

Download the free Fliq Notes app for your Android device from the Google Play Store

iphone notes app

Create, edit, prioritize and save notes into categories like Work, Home and School.

send iphone notes

Search and sort notes by category, name or date for faster, easier access to all your notes.

download free iphone notes

Fliq, or 'beam', notes to other iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and PC Fliq users.

With Fliq Notes, you can send and receive notes with your iPhone or iPod touch over Wi-Fi, including meeting notes, memos, talking points, recipes, addresses, directions, messages and whatever else you use notes for.

Download Fliq at iTunes
Download Fliq on Google Play

What's New in
Fliq Notes 2.0

  • Support for syncing of notes with a Mac or PC*
  • Optional password protection
  • Collapsible and expandable section headers in notes list
  • Notes count displayed
  • Default category can be set
  • More font size options
  • Option sync on app launch*
  • Total Note Count listed in Settings
  • "How to Fliq" instruction screen

Fliq Notes Support

* Requires The Missing Sync for iPhone 2.0 for Mac or PC (available soon).
** Requires Fliq for the Mac or Fliq for Windows PC.