Fliq is a free social networking application that allows iPhone and iPod touch users to instantly send, or "beam", photos and contacts to one another. At work with colleagues. In the coffee shop with friends. On campus with classmates. Around the house with family.

Fliq offers real-time social networking between friends in close proximity. There’s no emailing, texting or instant messaging configurations to set because Fliq is a stand-alone app that allows users to sync up to share photos and contacts with anyone else on the same Wi-Fi network.

And Fliq can share photos and contacts with the Mac and PC versions of Fliq too!

Fliq is as easy as 1-2-3:

beam stuff with friends

1 - Choose who you want to Fliq to

send photos over wifi

2 - Pick a contact or photo to send

beam iphone app

3 - Fliq it!

In just seconds, your Fliq is delivered. Fliq makes it fun and easy to send pictures from your photo albums and Camera Roll. Plus, Fliq lets you easily exchange contacts and take them with you.

Fliq Tips

iphone apps wifi

Choose to send just the Home contact information, only the Work details, or all contact info.

send your My Card

Choose a contact that you want to be your My Card. Now, sending your contact information is easy!

download fliq iphone app

To fliq to friends, family and co-workers, make sure they have Fliq too — free from the App Store.

Download Fliq at iTunes
Cool things you can do with Fliq:
  • Meeting a friend for dinner after work? Fliq the restaurant address.
  • Flipping through photos of a new baby, a baseball game or a family reunion? Fliq them to friends nearby.
  • Need to exchange contact information? Fliq is the new way to exchange your personal information when you meet someone.
  • Getting together with friends? Have a Fliq Party and share photos and contacts.

Fliq Support

Fliq FAQ

We want to know how you use Fliq. Email us at fliqit@markspace.com