Send and Share Between Computers - Fast!

Fliq is the fastest way to send and share contacts, notes, files, photos and more between computers - PC or Mac! Faster than a thumb drive. Quicker than email. Fliq uses your Wi-Fi network to send files and information. Its as easy and dragging and dropping what you want to send!

Fliq for Windows Icon
Fliq for PC
Send contacts and tasks from Outlook. Share photos, files and documents. Easily share with a Mac too. Transfer info and files fast!
Fliq for Mac Icon
Fliq for Mac
Works great with Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, iPhoto and other Mac apps your already use. Send and share with a PC too!

Sync, Send and Share from iPhone

Fliq apps for the iPhone are the best way to manage your notes, tasks and documents on your iPhone or iPod touch. Plus, they sync with your PC or Mac using The Missing Sync for iPhone. Sync notes, tasks, documents and files between your iPhone or iPod touch and your PC or Mac.

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Fliq Docs
Sync and share files from your computer to your iPhone. View them on your iPhone. Send files and documents to a iPhone, Mac or PC.
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Fliq Notes
Fliq Notes is the best notes app on the iPhone App Store - and it syncs too! Sync notes between your iPhone and PC or Mac.
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Fliq Tasks
Track all those things you need to do wherever you go. Send tasks to other Fliq users on iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and Windows PC.
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Fliq for iPhone
Beam contacts and photos instantly to a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPod touch over a Wi-Fi network.